My Gardens

My own gardens draw inspiration from English border gardens and from my background as an artist intrigued with texture, color and design. A soft palette and flowing shapes create a sense of tranquility and harmony. Small trees and shrubs within the beds add depth, height and visual interest throughout the seasons.

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Creative Small Garden

This beautifully manicured garden belongs to an artistic owner who seeks the unusual along with elegant simplicity. The goal was to 'fine tune' what was there, making it more cohesive, and continuing the color and texture theme throughout. We also added a Japanese-style garden with a granite bench to enjoy the long views across a sweeping meadow, leading up to the mountains in the distance.

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Meditation Garden and Pond

What used to be a rubbish area turned into a woodland garden of quiet reflection and meditation, with a three-tiered waterfall flowing into a larger pool. Unusual and shade loving plants surround all sides. Designed and built with the help of Marc Hudson, "The Inspired Gardener," Westmoreland, NH.

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Kelly Felgar Memorial Garden

The Kelly Felgar Memorial Garden at the Monadnock Community Hospital was renovated to add a water feature and to create a more meditative and quiet space, while incorporating a sense of the child's spirit, for whom this garden was created. Designed and built with the help of Marc Hudson, "The Inspired Gardener," Westmoreland, NH.

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Small Town and Country Garden

This existing garden needed renovation when an addition was added to the house. The owners desired a more cohesive garden complimenting both a town and country appeal. A charming barn was also built opening up more opportunities for garden spaces. The hardscape and some of the plantings were designed by Gordon Hayward, Westminster West, VT. With the help of Marc Hudson of "The Inspired Gardener," Westmoreland, NH, this came into being.

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Old Farm Garden Renovation

The challenge here was to improve the existing gardens with more color, interest, and texture while keeping maintenance at a minimum. An array of interesting and colorful container pots were planted for the new Goshen stone patio, designed by Gordon Hayward of Westminster, VT. I did not want any of the gardens to compete with the broad meadow views and hills beyond, or to detract from the charm of this old farm.

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Fire Pit Turned into a Meditative Woodland Garden

A fire pit in an overgrown area was removed creating a woodland garden for a contemplative and quiet setting. A small frog pond and stream made of stone were added to enhance the feel of the forest directly behind this garden space. Designed and built with the help of Marc Hudson of "The Inspired Gardener," Westmoreland, NH.

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Low Maintenance Stonewall Garden

A very narrow border garden was enlarged and redesigned to create a stronger impact of color and texture. A softer and more compatible color scheme was implemented to suit the owner's desire. The goal was to keep it simple, small, and low maintenance.

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