Design and Philosophy

“When you buy a piece of land, remember–you own all above it; you own that far reach of ether in which the stars drift over your land, the moon as it hangs above your trees, the sun as it passes through your sky-claim; and best of all you possess all the dreams which lie between you and infinity.” — Hanna Rion, gardener, artist, writer.

A garden exists to bring pleasure to its occupants and to all who encounter it.  Gardens are a form of art.  My goal is in creating artful and beautiful spaces that inspire a sense of wonder, connect us with nature, and nourish our souls.

A successful garden reflects the occupant’s personality and desires and, at the same time, works in intimate harmony with nature. I work closely with each client to create gardens that sensitively and thoughtfully serve both their owners and the land. The finished garden reflects a ‘sense of place’ and ‘sense of spirit.’ It evokes an emotional response no matter the intended purpose–whether it be playful, meditative, inspirational, functional, or a combination of these.  This sacred space should delight and benefit all people, animals and creatures who enter it.

As a painter and a former textile artist, I’ve always been intrigued by design and texture.  I am drawn to using unusual combinations of shrubs, perennials, and annuals in creating interesting textures, and harmonies of balance, color, light, movement, scent and design.  To me, gardening is painting in motion.

I choose indigenous plants when appropriate, but believe combining them with other compatible and interesting plants is what can transform a garden to a more artful and pleasing space.  Starting with healthy soil is the best way to insure a garden’s success–therefore compost is always used to enrich the land rather than chemical treatments.  I feel strongly about protecting the environment for the benefit of all living creatures and future generations.

I will work with you to create that garden of your dreams, “which lie between you and infinity.”