My first encounter with gardening began after my mother gave me a small patch of earth when I was a little girl. “Plant whatever you want,” she said.  A circle of blue hued pansies grew. The sweet scent of the earth between my fingers and the warmth of the sun on my back captivated me.  I remember pondering what I’d plant the following year.  The wonder of possibility became a constant thought and a passion I carried forward.

For over 30 years I have been gardening seriously and most of what I have learned has come from hands on experience through a mixture of failures and successes,  changing iterations in my own garden, and a wide variety of gardens created for others.  I enhance my learning with reading, visiting gardens here and abroad, attending lectures and symposiums, and working closely with other serious gardeners.  It is here, in the alchemy of collaboration, that I’ve recieved my greatest education.

I have given my time, with other dedicated volunteers, in maintaining and collaborating in the design of the Town of Peterborough gardens for over 15 years. There are now eight gardens.

My garden has been on tour numerous times including with The Garden Conservancy Open Days tour. It has also been featured in “New Hampshire Homes Magazine,” and “Early Homes,” a publication of “This Old House.”

When not in the garden. I can be found painting, writing, and reading. I am passionate about preserving the natural world and committed to creating sacred and beautiful spaces.